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A Proud Product of Bundelkhand. A heaven of organic farming, biodiversity and sustainability. Girika farm is home to happy cows, healthy soil and a diverse range of crops that nourish both the body and the soul.Farm is committed to sustainable farming practices and believe that organic farming is essential for promoting a healthier and more sustainable food system.


To develop a comprehensive marketing and brand communication strategy for Girika Farms, that embodies the brand values of purity, wholesome nutrition, and motherly love, while highlighting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical farming practices.

What did we do

Ghee has a lot of benefits: emotional, mental, and physical. Just a spoonful of ghee makes a world of difference and transports you to a world of health, fitness, healthy body & mind.A spoon full of Ghee takes you to another world of taste, well being, fitness, mindfulness altogether. 

Adding just a spoonful of GIRIKA ghee to your diet will help you reap the benefits – in every aspect.


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