Its 2022 and why should you not forget Storytelling!

Storytelling has fast become an essential practice in the world of branding and brand-building.

Brand professionals are now being less and less hesitant to express themselves outside of the agreed themes related to promotion and branding. The space is also getting digitalized fast, as an increasing number of customers are getting directly or indirectly influenced by what they see online.

In 2022, storytelling is touted as the preferred method of communication for brands. This is so as this method ticks all the right boxes. A story – be it through an article, a documentary, a podcast or a video arouses curiosity, positivity and a pleasant feeling. One of the major requirements for a campaign to engage users and go viral is that it should be simple and yet have a strong emotional appeal and with storytelling one can achieve this rather naturally.

Why is storytelling important for a brand

Storytelling is essential in modern marketing. Customers now seek more than just price and quality; they want to connect with a brand’s history, values, and individuality. Every brand and entrepreneur has a unique story to tell, which fosters a deeper connection with customers. 

Advantages of storytelling marketing

Storytelling is a cost-effective and powerful branding method. Small and medium-sized businesses embrace it to showcase their values and connect with consumers effortlessly. Strong brand stories attract new customers without a large marketing budget, fostering a lasting relationship beyond transactions.

Benefits of using storytelling as a branding strategy 

Branding professional also term branding through storytelling as story-selling. Branding, marketing and promotion through storytelling has many unique advantages. Firstly, it helps brands connect with the end consumer on a personal and an emotional level.  The storytelling by a brand can use one of more formats such as video, text or images. It is essential though that the story be engaging, human and above all honest.

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