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Welcome to Anokha Dhaaga. It is a breath-taking world of exquisitely handcrafted products that come from locations scattered across 8 states of India. These products have been crafted by women collectives and artisans coming from marginalized backgrounds.


Creating a website for Saheli World, which is a mesmerizing world of meticulously handcrafted products sourced from 8 diverse states in India, showcasing the artistry and cultural richness of each region.

What did we do

Welcome to Anokha Dhaga’s website, where craftsmanship meets tradition. Discover handcrafted treasures that embody timeless artistry. We created user-friendly website that simplifies your search for the perfect piece, whether it’s intricately woven textiles or meticulously carved woodwork. Meet the skilled artisans behind each creation, explore our inspiring blog, and shop with confidence, knowing your security is our priority. Join us in celebrating global artistry and heritage.


The website enhances the customer experience with user-friendly features and provides valuable insights into customer preferences. It’s a cost-effective marketing tool and allows Anokha Dhaga to showcase artisan stories, fostering a connection with customers. The website also adapts to changing market conditions and aligns with the growing e-commerce trends. Overall, it helps the brand promote its values of sustainability and ethical consumption, contributing to its growth and relevance in the market.






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