Veclan bring to you 100% PLANT BASED, GLUTEN FREE & CHOLESTEROL FREE, Premium vegan cheese products. A clean alternative to the regular dairy cheese that “You and Your Gut will Relish” guilt-free. Providing irresistable melt for all dishes – pizza, pasta, dosas, nachos, fries, tacos, sandwiches, wraps, rolls and much more. Make the switch and upgrade your health.



Develop a website for Veclan, effectively highlighting exquisite range of premium vegan cheese products, with a strong emphasis on their remarkable attributes of being entirely plant-based, gluten-free, and free from cholesterol.

What did we do

Explore Veclan, where the art of cheese meets your culinary desires. Our Ad2Connect team has thoughtfully crafted an inviting platform to simplify your quest for the finest cheese selections. Discover a diverse array of cheesy delights and tap into the expertise of our dedicated connoisseurs.


It established online presence, enhanced credibility as a cheese brand, and provided a platform to showcase our products. The site engages customers with interactive features, serves as a marketing tool, and potentially boosts sales. It also offers insights into customer behavior and gives us a competitive edge. Overall, it’s a valuable resource for educating customers and sharing our brand story, amplifying our reach and influence in the cheese industry.






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